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About Us

Andre's Engineering LLC Overview

We at Andre's Engineering LLC have great expectations and aim to be the leader in our industry. We’ve built our consistent fleet of high-specification, deepwater drillships to address the changing offshore drilling industry. Employing dedicated people is key to providing safe, quality drilling services to our customers, so we seek those who are the best at what they do. In our quest to become the employer of choice, we are committed to helping our employees achieve their top performance. Andre's Engineering LLC is determined to develop the most capable and passionate team members, which is fundamental to our vision to be the preferred high-specification, deepwater drilling contractor.

Andre Dominique (Founder/CEO)

Andre's Engineering LLC Team

We believe in the power of humanity to solve any challenge. Our greatest resources are ingenuity, creativity and collaboration. We develop generations of problem solvers who have met the most complex challenges of energy’s past. Together, we will innovate toward the future.

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Our Mission

Andre's Engineering LLC commits to be the employer of choice in the Energy and Oil Exploration industry and to provide the tools and resources to enable our people to deliver consistently exceptional performance.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the industry’s preferred high-specification, Energy and Oil Exploration contractor around the Globe.

Petroleum and Gas

Andre's Engineering LLC has been active in the gas market in order to supply effectively with natural gas its Corinth Refineries, consuming more than 10,000MWh per day.

Jack-Up Rigs

We have experience in the analysis of Jack-up structures in accordance with SNAME. This includes global analysis of hull structures with included wave load, wind load, deck loads, etc.

Oil Rig Pipping

We currently provide assistance services on Existing and New piping systems. Existing System: To recommend to you or your selected NDT company,

Semi Submersible Rigs

We can provide various types of analysis to suit your operational demands. This includes dry tow, local and global structural analysis, analysis of decks, pontoons,

Andre's Engineering LLC

Address: Fresno, California 91208 United States.
Phone: +1 559 512 1399


Andre's Engineering LLC was named Global Energy Company of the Year.